Hi, I’m JJ!

A User-Focused Designer/Developer.

Currently working as a web developer at Geotab.

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Creating a “ready to develop” interior organization mobile app.

User Research, Ideation, Mockups, UI Design

Most people struggle with creating their idealized living spaces. Often it's a struggle to know where to start when it comes to organization. ZenDen uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you sort, organize, and rank objects.

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Helping designers to better understand the core web-code workflow.

Coding, UI, Mentorship, Accessibility

The design field is expanding as more people interact with the web and smart mobile devices. We are moving away from physical media and graphic design. <FIVE> aim to teach people the basic web code pipeline.

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Teaching Japanese to students through a gamified web-based activity.

Html, Css, Javascript, Gamification, UI Design

Endless Moji is an educational game that teaches you the first five letters of the Japanese alphabet. This quick to learn activity can get anyone started with learning basic Japanese.

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